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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mission not so Impossible IV

You have a new mission again and is highly confidential and secret.......This message wil be distroy in 5 second....tit..tit..tit..tit..tit..Oops! sorry...making movie meh !!! Don't be mistaken....actually this mission is not really so impossible. My college are given opportunity to launch ' Jalan Jalan Mari Makan' on 8/4/08......i was pick ( favour of God ) with the other friend to cook....infront of kinda scary actually...when people watch you cooking and somemore on that day press will be all now i need to crack my head agian to figure what sauce to cook....My sir is suggesting to cook deep fried fish....Maybe i cook sweet & sour sauce....or thick tom yam the way i pray God will anoint me and give me wisdom to figure how to cook sauce.....Don't know my picture will appear on newspaper or not....( haha~!~!~! Must be thinking to much ler me... ). But in all things i give thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ....

Friday, March 28, 2008

Test ! Test ! Test !

So everyone have to face it.....The time has come ...TEST ! again.....for the pass 26 years of my life always had to face test all the time, even working also had to test...don't they get tired of testing people..Sian nia....At last i finish my theory test on cookery bad..and I have faith in Jesus I will do well....I had already past my pastry & bakery test last week....i got A+++ ( lah...not that i am smart ler...Jesus should be glorified above all ). Now my head is cracking on my practical test on Tuesday & Wednesday...have to come out with a full menu ( appetizer, soup, main course & dessert ) and budget only RM 10....somemore have to distribute the work between my group to cook, timing and taste is important...cause the evaluator is a chef from..Er...Er...don't know what hotel..hehe :P .....Nevermind I have Jesus to help me....I pray all will go on well and the chef will like our food and give good marks....Maybe I let you have a glimpse on my planned menu.....Maybe you can give me suggestion...
Salsa with Crab Stick
Prawn & Mango Salad
Cream of Pumpkin
Main Course
Pan grill fish with Butter Lemon
(with saute vegetable & paprika hash brown )
Honey Dew with Sago

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Appetizer & Main Course

For appetizer is Prawn Cocktail & main course is Sirlion with brown sauce, potato gratin and saute vegetable........

Potato Gratin

This potato gratin is very nice...very creamy and soft in texture.....

Cream of Mushroom

Yum! Yum!.......Love it

Cheese Cake that I made for my dear's birthday..........nice ?

Black Forest

This is the Black Forest that my group bake....any one want some ?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Because You Love Me

I found a clip on youtube...which is very meaningful...would like to share to all people about the love of Jesus.....Because You Love Me...This song belong to Celine Dion but is nicely edit with the movie Passion of Christ...Enjoy and Pray God will touch your heart....

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Deliverence !

Today is a special night on the Ignite Youth.....Rev. Rajan Benedict is preaching on our destiny when we all die...Heaven or Hell....It came to my senses that Heaven is real but Hell is even as real as Heaven. Many people went out prayers. As for me I want God to use me as a witness for the gospel and spread the good news of our Lord. The Lord touch my heart...Thank you Lord Jesus....But at the same time, there is few cases of deliverence ( which means casting demon out of the people ) we hold hands as request by Pastor Rajan and pray and speaking in tongue, i can see it very clearly....the demon inside the person was manifested out....and he don't like Jesus name being called. Praise the Lord for last the demon fled.....and I can see the mighty works of God....I can feel goose bumps on me...not that i afraid but can sense the evilness in the air.....eerie!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tommorow is the Day of Resurrection of Lord Jesus

Can't wait for tomorrow to come...2000 years ago this miracle took place..The Resurrection..Jesus had died and resurrected and the death had been conquered....Believing in Jesus will ensure eternal life...we will die one day and leave this earth...which we all know we will face it somehow..sooner or later...but our soul will not be dead...cause we too had conquered over dead through our Lord Jesus. This pic above always remind of My Lord suffering death...the hand was nailed to the cross...every hit on the nail beared my sin, your sin and the sin of this world....No love is greater that God's see how He died for you...this pic give us a glimpse of what happened 2000 years ago... :~ ...sob sob.....but i rejoice...i beleive He save me...and i believe somewhere, somehow...if u you came across this blog and read it you will be bless.....May Jesus touch your heart through the little voice speaking to you.....and save you from eternal death....

Bring me back to life and save me My Lord !!!

I wanna share a song i think which all people also know...Bring me to life from Evernesence. What i want to point out is our soul once was lost because of sin and we have been away from the Lord...but because of His great love, He die for our sin and bring our soul and spirit back to life....not just in this earth but to the eternity that will come....Praise you My Lord Jesus.....we all don't deserve it and so unworthy....and What King David said in Psalm 8 : 4 What is man that You are mindful of him, And the son of man that You visit him? A little word to speak to you...Jesus love you all unconditionally....

Seminar with Chef in Black

Today 18/3/08 a busy day for me... : O < - ( yawn ) going to my college for culinary course and later rush to Trader Hotel where the seminar held and i can meet with Chef in Black from AFC ( Astro )...learn some new things and idea...i am lucky that i can took a few photo with him and get his signature...What more i can said... haha. On that day, i was informed last minute that there is a chef table dinner at Bali Hai Gurney Drive by CAM ( Chef Association Malaysia )...what do to ....i am a member of CAM...haha.
Me & Emmanuel Stroobant