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Thursday, April 17, 2008

EQ-Equatorial Hotel Penang

It has been 4 days I work in EQ.....kinda tired leg is pain....but I am collegue at EQ is nice and friendly and they all willing to teach me everything I ask and need to know. Well by God grace, I given the chance to learn a lot of things. First is main kitchen where I can learn to cook a lot of mix western food. Second is View restorant when I have to forcus specially on French cuisine. The third is chinese kitchen....You know ler...I really love it a lot...Hope can learn a lot from chinese kitchen and lastly is pastry. God really pour His favour on me....and I will continue work hard to achive my desire....

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Come..Come..Lai! Siou Bak!! Loast Pork <-typical hokkien accent

Home Made Roast Pork and for those who don't know, it is call Siou Bak in Hokkien.....I am very happy that at last I can try something that I love to eat....Erm..I believe everybody aslo love it right...only tried 2 times...yesterday and today...taste can said around 70% similiar, will work more to achieve the taste....Well now....I no need to worry to buy those mouth watering expensive Chinese Roast Pork in the market....I can make one now...HaHa!

Yeah! Yeah! My dress is here at last......

After 2 long weeks of waiting, at last the official college dress is here......My sir had given me chance to manage whole dress making stuff....Praise The Lord...all works on well and now this is the result....Yeah! Yeah!....Feel pround to wear it.....going to get another one.....Sorry for the poor pic due to lighting problem.
Front View

Rear View


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Launching of Jalan Jalan Mai Makan

Actually I want to upload these pics on 8/4/08 but now only I able update it. I was at the press conference for the launching of Jalan Jalan Mai Makan at G Hotel and it was a success for my college CAC and were very happy of it. We all also took some picture with Chef from CAM and what can I remember during that day was a lot of photo was taken of me and my friend ( because we assign to cook ) with some important guys which I don't know their name and post. Hope can see myself in the newspaper...haha....and follow from this launching of Jalan Jalan Mai Makan, there will be cooking competition held at Youth Park this Saturday 12/4/08 from 8am til 6pm. My sir had asked me and 2 of my friends to join the competition under culinary college category and the theme is Ayam ala Traditional. But I pray and feel not ready yet as need to polish my skill. Now only 1 of my friend go for it...well he work in restorant and 'chu char' b4 ma....haha....but I believe one day I will come back for it....Pray that Jesus guide me...

A few pics that I took at G hotel

Roasted Chicken with Oriental Sauce

Deep Fry Tilapia with Tom Yam Sauce

Food craft by my friend - Lion

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Big event for me....

What a lovely Sunday the Lord had made....I rejoice in Him. Tuesday is the day of the launching of 'Jalan Jalan Mai Makan'.......Nervous....but I know Jesus is with me always. My sir already confirmed to have oriental style fish..which is Deep Fry Fish with Tom Yam Sauce...Thanks to my friend who willing to share his secret recipe from restaurant...hehe...All the function will be held at G-Hotel....Wow!! I never go there before...and I know it will be a good experience....At 12/4/08 there will be another culinary competition at Youth Park by MPPP. I am going there too...for those who are interested can make yourselves avialable over there and enjoy culinary competition....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Today Exam Finally Ended !!!

2/4/ to start? mind is like a piece of white paper. There's a good news for me....I was chosen to cook Cream of Pumpkin and you know what....I achieved the best marks of all. Praise the Lord..Hallelujah...All glory to Jesus. Today our practical exam were judged by Exe. Chef from Mutiara Hotel. I am very thankful for God's favour and the annointing during my cooking practical. I was rewarded with a
spatula for producing the best soup...hehe...
These are a few pics that I took..

Pan Grill Fish with Butter Lemon
(served with Paprika Hash Brown and Saute Vegetable)

Spatula I received for the best soup

It was written " Practical Exam" Best soup 2/4/08