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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Penang Feast Competition : A Good or Bad Day ?

Today 6/12/08 - First time in my life I participate in cooking competition and is kind of interesting. Wake up in the morning, busy preparing but still don't know what to cook. Reach New World Park at 8:45am....Then only I know the title of the dish I need to cook is - Nasi Ulam...Okay...I know about nasi ulam...and also eat before...done before..but different version....and I am not doing alone....I have another 4 group members....I wonder did they know what is that? So I'm the presenter of the group.....Why in the world I have to present...but do I have choice...the answer is " NO !!! " without delay I get information and also recipe from nearby cybercafe..thanks to Netcity....Different members in the group is busy with their for me ...I need to cook and also present...too much things in mind....Luckily....I have Lord Jesus to help me .... He give me wisdom....Praise Him in the all things goes on well.....With the dedication of 5 group member our version of Nasi Ulam is out.....We call it Ulam Rice Ball with Sweet & Spicy Sambal Prawn......All our heart are united with one win this the end the answer is not what we expected...The judges said there is no one who lose and all are winners.....What ?? Did I hear wrongly....or I just have a dream...I'm nervous for the whole morning for the things to present and busy like a bee and the final answer is all are winner !! A bit dissapointed but .......I know in all things I give thanks to the Lord for all things is in His hand....Haha....for RM 8.40 I pay to buy the ingredients to cook for competition and at the end of the story..I and all of the other participants get a free gift with a small bottle of Minyak masak cap pisau inside.....Ma as well I go buy myself - I think

Ulam Rice Ball with Deep Fried Tau Pok serve with Sweet & Spicy Prawn Sambal

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